Friday, 8 June 2012


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from many years VLC is my favourite player but in the recent days , KM player reached higher levels to come into great competition to VLC ,but  i still think that VLC is the best.
I have written this post  to compare some of the best features of KM to that of in VLC.
here let us see the comparision of some things like Features overview, max. and min. launch time, Max CPU usage, Max and Min RAM usage , the supportable formats etc,,
Let us start with features overview
  •  Screen Controls: this is the best feature in these player that windows player lacks.
  • Pan & Scan: this feature is used to control window size, aspect ratio,position of the frame etc..
  • Subtitles: search and find subtitles , add multiple subtitles,  re-sync subtitles, modify and merge subtitles, control position and orientation of subtitles.
  • Playback: moving between frames, jumping back and forth, , control repeat mode, re-sync audio, , seting repeat section

these are the common best features in the two players. 
Coming to VLC , it is visualised that it doesn't need any codecs as everything is built in it, but KM need to have some codecs to play some of the rare formats.
But KM is also having some features that VLC isn't having. But I think the developer publish some instructions manual to help with the advance fetures like audio, video,filter control,  and subtitle processing, color controls, and much more.
I personally think that these features are difficult for a ordinary, non technical user  to understand.
Check the ranks of these media players in the Top media players list
Now let us see the values of some values like Startup time , usage of RAM etc,,

1)Minimum Launch Time (in seconds)
    VLC Media Player   : 0.8 seconds
    KM Player               : 2.2 seconds

2)Maximum Launch Time ( in seconds) 
   VLC Media Player   : 6.0 seconds
   KM Player               : 6.0 seconds

3)Maximum CPU utillisation
   VLC Media Player   :  6 %
   KM Player               :  12%  (this is the highest % by any Player , the drawback)

4)Minimum RAM usage
   VLC Media Player   :  80 MB
   KM Player               : 110 MB

5)Maximum RAM usage
   VLC Media Player  : 150 MB
   KM Player              : 310 MB

I think that many people just doesn't consider these figures and just say that KM  Player is better than VLC. 
But from the figures above one can consider that VLC is indeed better than KM. 
Though VLC is the winner here, KM player is no where going away from competition.
Due to KM's Korean Origin, It could not gain the craze matched to its build.

                                                                                                        the figures above are from TechRadar
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