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Top Bowlers in the World

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Here is my list of the top 10 bowlers in the modern era
This list took an average of both Tests and ODIs and therefore the Top 10 bowlers ever are :

10)Zaheer Khan :
He is the best bowler in INDIA 2012 , without him India's bowling attack will look very lean.
He has an excellent ability to swing the ball both sides. He can come back very easily even if he failed to take some early. I think many readers will agree with me to keep Zaheer in the Top 10.

                                   tests    odis      FC 
Balls bowled16,719961730,579
Bowling average31.7828.8427.49
5 wickets in innings10132
10 wickets in match108
Best bowling7/875/429/138

9)Shawn Pollock  :
Shawn Pollock is one of the finest bowlers in South Africa. He is not a big pacer like Akthar but his secret in taking wickets and Standing in the top 10 is his accuracy and his good swinging balls.Not only as a bowler he also proved as a good batsmen making him one of the Best allrounders in the world

                                  tests    odis      FC 
Balls bowled24,35315,71239,067
Bowling average23.1124.5023.25
5 wickets in innings16522
10 wickets in match1n/a2
Best bowling7/876/357/33

8)Anil Kumble :
He is like a diamond to India during his time. He may not turn the ball a lot like Warne and Murali but his great accuracy and Diversed styles in bowling like Googly,Zipper and many more made him the 3rd leading wicket tacker in the world.


                                  tests    odis      FC                                 
Balls bowled40,85014,49666,931
Bowling average29.6530.8925.83
5 wickets in innings35272
10 wickets in match8N/A19
Best bowling10/746/1210/74
7)Alan Donald :
Nick named White Lightning is the most successful pace bowler in SA. He was the best Test bowler for the year 1998 and during this time he shared some great spells with his fellow mate Pollock. He certainly deserves a place in this list


                                   tests    odis      FC 
Balls bowled15,5198,56158,801
Bowling average22.2521.7822.76
5 wickets ininnings20268
10 wickets in match3n/a9
Best bowling8/716/238/37

6)Waqar Younis :
He is the best pacer for the Pakistani Cricket History after Akram. The main strength of this Pakistani is his damn Yorkers. He bowled Yorkers better than anyone in his time. Even though he had Akram in the team , he rarely used to open the bowling for Pak.

                                tests      odis      
Balls bowled         16224   12698
Wickets                  373        416
Average                23.56    23.84
5 wick innings        22           13
10 wick inning        5            0
Best                       7/76        7/36

5)Glenn Mcgrath :
The best even today for Australlian Team. He is known for his immediate response, his swing and his natural bowling. He appears cool all the time and there are many impressive bowling skills for this man like Lenghted  
bowling, perfect positioning and many more. It is for sure that every one of you will agree with me for his place in the list.

                                 tests      odis 
Balls bowled            29248     12970
Wickets                     563         381
Average                   21.64      22.02
5 wick innings              29            7
10 wick inning              3            0
Best                           8/24         7/15

4)Richard Hadlee :
This 2009 ICC hall of  fame inductee is one of the finest Fast bowlers of New Zealand. He is the NZ sportsman of the years 1980 and 1986.He can turn any match to his side with his skill. He used to bowl extremely fast during his beginning career and as the years passed by he gained accuracy and concentrated on line and length.
Check his rank in the Best allrounders of all time

                                    tests    odis      FC 
Balls bowled21918618267518
Bowling average22.2921.5618.11
5 wickets in innings365102
10 wickets in match9n/a18
Best bowling9/525/259/52
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3)Wasim Akram : 
He is the best swinger of the ball ever and ever. He swings the balls so well that he can take some difficult wickets right at the beginning. In just his Second Test match he made a 10 wikcet hall. He holds the record for the most number of  Man of the Matches , a record of 17 in his 104 tests ( almost 1 for every six matches). He holds the record as the second highest wicket taker in ODIs.


                                   tests    odis      FC
Balls bowled226271818650278
Bowling average23.6223.5221.64
5 wickets ininnings25670
10 wickets in match5016
Best bowling7/1195/158/30

2)Shane Warne :
He is such a turner of the ball that he can make the ball go from the back of the batsmen and catch the wickets . Though he is a great one his career is conflicted with many disputes and many controversies. His bowling is so perfect and thats what makes the ball turn even more and doubt he is the best bowler. He should be greatly praised for his ability to turn the ball even on the bouncy australian pitches.

                                 tests    odis      FC 
Balls bowled40,70410,64274,830
Bowling average25.4125.7326.11
5 wickets in innings37169
10 wickets in match10n/a12
Best bowling8/715/338/71
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1)Muttiah Muralitharan :
Yaa yaa as you have expected this place is reserved for this Lankan Lion. He holds a total wickets of 1334 wickets combined. His unique and controversial bowling action made the Off spin turn to great angles. Not only a single spin like Warne, he has many other weapons like googleeys, dhoosras and even theesras. His records tells why he was the perfect fit in this place.


                                  tests    odis      FC                                 
Balls bowled44,03918,81166,933
Bowling average22.7223.0819.64
5 wickets in innings6710119
10 wickets in match22n/a34
Best bowling9/517/309/51
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