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Top Defensive Batsmen


Usually i will write any Tops list with the No.1 at the end. But I can't do that here because every one knows that the No.1 spot goes to the Great Wall Rahul Dravid.
So just going with the no.1 first.

1)Rahul Dravid :
This is what all of you ( the readers) would expect in this list. Rahl Dravid with his nick name The Wall stands like a huge wall to the opponent team and his defensive skills saved India to draw or even win the matches that had no hopes. I think this is the perfect start to this list.I think that he is the best Text Book batsmen ever. His shots are so beautiful to watch and his back cuts are really amazing . He is the player that moulds to the situation perfectly.He is also one of the Best Batsmen in the World
Runs scored13,28810,88923,794
Batting average52.3139.1655.33

2)Shivnarine Chanderpaul :
His is a highly talented one and he got a great concentration. He sees the ball so keenly until the ball touches the bat. He plays very strongly and firmly in Fast bowling and much more carefully and keenly when coming to spin. He has some great balance too.
Runs scored10,0558,77820,765
Batting average50.0241.6055.52
3)Michael Hussey :
He is also a player that can change his batting style according to the situation. He is the Best Competitor to Rahul Dravid in this category. Though he is one of the best defensive batsmen , he holds the record to be the fastest player in terms of time to have reached the 1000 test runs. Unlucky to the australian team he made his debut so late in a late age.
He is also one of the Best Finisher in the Cricketing World
Runs scored5,7085,26221,853
Batting average50.0748.2752.15

4)Mahela Jayawardene :
Not only his batting even his captaincy is also very defensive. I think YOU will agree him in this place. His defensive play adding to his patience gave Lanka many memories. Not only Lanka even the recent Delhi Daredevils team got rescued many times in the IPL because of this man's standing power.

Runs scored10,44010,65216,257
Batting average51.1733.4950.64

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5)Jacques Kallis :
He is the best allrounder in the World now. His batting is really good, not much from the Text book like Dravid. On his day he can play some great long innings and on the other side he also can hit some big shots. He holds the record to score a half century in the fastest time with just 24 balls. He even had a big role in his team winning the IPL 5.He is the best allrounder in the World

Runs scored12,36711,481512
Batting average57.0245.55

6)Mohammad Yousuf :
This man can stand in the pitch for a long time. This ability is seen in his record to be the one to score the most runs without being dismissed in One Day International match. He scored 24 test centuries and 33 ODI centuries in his career.

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Runs scored7,5309,72050
Batting average52.2941.7116.66
7)Ashwell Prince :
His innings with Amla in South African team are very impressive. He is an excellent cover driver and had some great talent and strength through Offside. He was called a Test Specialist in the team.

Runs scored3,6651,01813,065
Batting average41.6435.1043.55
Some former players that were known for their defensiveness :
sunil gavaskar , mark richardson , Alick Bannerman , Geoffy boycott , atapattu , Hanif Mohammad.

Please give your list through your valuable comments

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