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Top Batsmen of all time

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Here is the list of Top 10 batsmen in the history of the cricketing world

1)Sachin Tendulkar
Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes to any mind in this list is The Little Matser Sachin Tendulkar.
Yes he is the most deserved person to be on the top. Sachin had his debut and is still continuing his career even after two decades. He scored one hundred centuries that no one thought was possible and he was the first to have a double century on the planet. His career records tell us why he is the no.1. He is considered as the Cricketing God in INDIA.One more thing about him is that he occupies the best place even in the 
Top 10 Openers list

2)Sir Don Bradman

Yes, he is the most aligible one to be in the no.1 position. Even today there is a lot of debate going on in various places to decide who is the no.1 batsmen. Some People think that Don must be in the first place,
Every one have their own ideas and in my idea sachin is the greatest batsmen.He is the first man on the planet to score a Triple Century twice in Test matches. Another great record of this Legend is that his average is 99.94, which is unbeliavable. 

Actually before writing this post, I wanna keep both these men in No.1 position and leave the second position vacant.But Sachin Outlasted to grab the No.1 spot.

3)Ricky Ponting
This Classical aggressive batsmen is here to receive the bronze  medal in this competition. Ponting is such a great batsman as he is such a great Captain. He is in second highest run scorer after Sachin Tendulkar and he also holds the record to be in the third of the Most Centuries by any man after Sachin and Kallis.
He is the best Australian batsmen in the modern era and the most succesful captain and recently he was again back in form after losing it during the WC.

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4)Brian Lara
He is the most classical West Indian of all time. He should be in the third place sharing the medal with Ponting. Actually, he is the first Batsmen to achieve the Grandslam of centuries (i.e. to acheive a century, a double, Triple, Quadruple and Quintuple centuries in his Career). he is the first man on the planet to acheive a Quadruple Century in International Cricket. In 1994 and 95, Lara was awarded the Wisden Leading Cricketer of the world for his outstanding performances.

5)Viv Richards
Also known as King Viv, this agressive batsmen holds the fifth place in the list. Viv is the most aggresive West Indies batsmen of the Oldern Era. He holds the record of the fastest Century in Tests for completing a century in just 56 balls, He is Cosidered as one of the best ODI batsmen of all time. This ICON is the most succesfull WIndies Captain in the history  WIndies won not one but two World Cups under the Captaincy of this Leader. Under his Captaincy, WIndies never lost a test series.
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6)Garfield Sobers
This Legendary Allrounder just missed a place in the Top 5. He was gifted with many Cricketing Talents and Great Reflexes.He was one of the top 3 best all rounders of all time.  He is one of the bets Test Batsmen of the World. This man holds the record to score Six sixes in a over in first class cricket.. He can be cosidered as the best Allrounder ever.

7)Wally Hamood
He is Undoubtedly the greatest English Batsmen in the history. His impressive figures tells us why he was placed in the list. With over 7249 runs in Internationals and 50551 runs in first class matches he is one of the greatest batsmen on the Earth.

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8)Alan Border
He is the highest praised Australian Batsmen . Not only a batsmen he is also a succesful captain. He held he records like the most test matches, the first to hit the 10000 which were later broken by other greats.
But what remians unbreakable even now is that he is the one to have the most consecutive appearances in Test matches.

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9)Sir Jack Hobbs
He is one of the most succesful opening batsmen in the world. He has all the ability and stuff to last in the top 10. He holds the record of the most runs of 61760 in first class cricket. He was the batsmen to prove that batting is no longer a difficult task during his era , 19th century.

10)Rahul Dravid
His great defensive technique and great patience made him stand in the 10th spot .. He saved India many times and even in the toughest cases he will be there to dig deep to find the best he can. It is found in his innings recently in England where every one failed but Dravid was there to Dig in. He was the greatest WALL OF INDIA and his wall will never be broken.Check his place in the Top Defensive batsmen 

Some Great Players that have missed the list :
Jaques Kallis, Sunil Gavaskar etc..,

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