Tuesday, 12 June 2012

how to access sites that are blocked

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Many of us have Wi.Fi in our universities and colleges. But it is common thing in any server that they block some of the site like facebook.com, Twitter.com.
So how, Is there any way to access these sites through those servers.
Yes there are many servers which use proxies to help us connect those sites.
Blockedsiteaccess.com is one such site that i found on the net.
All you have to do is type in the address you wanna visit and click GO. Just as simple it is.
The trick behind this thing is also quite simple.
Our servers have blocked facebook.com which means the servers should block its IP address immediately after one tries to access it.
But now we are accessing FB through Blockedsiteaccess IP adress which is fully permissable in our Wi-Fi servers. So we can enjoy browsing even the blocked sites.

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