Friday, 8 June 2012

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

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The Newly released browser Google Chrome is getting more and more market shares day by day and it has crossed mire than 200 million users in the recent days. But still giving a tight competition in the matter of features is the Firefox browser.

The first most feature to be seen when comparing browsers is the speed. 
Mozilla is apt only for high speed internet only but coming to slower connections Chrome  is very far ahead in this feature that it connects very faster than Mozilla. This is the  first feature that puts chrome in the lead.
Another  important factor that adds up to speedy  in Chrome, is the auto fill feature it has.

Winner in Speed Category is Chrome

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Next aspect to be seen is the Browser Bloating ability.
Browser bloating is the  ability of the browser to use system's resources efficiently. Mozilla has the upper hand in this feature. But the browser is tending to slow down due to bloating. Though Bloating ability is somewhat less in Chrome compared to Mozilla, it doesn't slow down like Mozilla.

Winner in Bloating Category  is : there is no winner , it's a draw

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Next aspects is   Extensions 
Firefox is undoubtedly the winner in this aspect. It is a developer friendly browser and it has a huge range of extensions but never the Chrome is giving up. Chrome also has an impressive gallery of extensions but not comparable to Mozilla. 
The most important extension in Firefox is that it has an amzing plugin called firebug. Firebug is a tool which is  excellent  in debugging webpages.  

Winner in Extensions Category is Firefox

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Last and Final aspect is Multi Tabbed Browsing.
even though both browsers has this feature impressive, Chrome is more stable and more responsive than Chrome and Firefox may give some delays in switching the tabs.
Conclusion is that Firefox works good on all platforms including LINUX but chrome is not recommended on LINUX platform.
Most of the cases , platform is either Windows or Mac on which Chrome works impressively. 

Winner on Windows and Mac is Chrome

Winner on LINUX is Firefox

Overall winner in Tab browsing category is Chrome.

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And Finally I wanna give the GOLD Medal to Chrome and SILVER Medal to Chrome.

Check the ranks of these browsers in the Top Browsers category
Brief comparision about likes on both broswsers

Things one  love in Chrome

1)It is really fast: loading new pages or opening a chrome browser window is definitely fast.

2)It is still fast even after adding dozens of Chrome Extensions!

3)The Google Chrome User Interface is very simple and not polluted with unnecessary features that you don´t use regularly

Things one love in Firefox

1)Firefox still has the biggest variety of useful Firefox Plugins
2)Since Firefox is together with Internet Explorer the most popular browser, all the webdesigners test their sites in Firefox - and you can be pretty much sure that every website works fine while browsing through the web


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