Friday, 1 June 2012

top 10 high flying moves in wwe

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10)elbow drop
This alway s gets your heart pumping and it always looks good.ts basic but Randy Savage and HBK make it look painful when it connects.Plus he is haning one of the Best Finishing Move in WWE, the super kick

This move takes a lot of practice and accuracy to lock your legs on your opponent and swing them around to the mat. Rey and Psychosis had that skill.

 A signature move of Chris Jericho and the move I believe ended the career of Hayabusa. This move can look great but is an easy botch.Y2J also has a dangerous submission move , the Walls of Jericho

07)Missile Drop Kick

Watching certain superstars perform this move is definetly a thing of beauty when their legs are fully extended, and connect flush to the opponents chest. 

06)Diving Headbutt This move comes with great power but the user also gets injured. This move has caused brain damage to long time users.


Its a backflip off the top rope onto your oppenent it looks good, it has impact and its a damn backflip.This is the move of choice for the high flying heavyweight and who can believe Funk doesn't break his neck on his.  Flexibility is key for this move to work and Van Dam makes it work.

04)Swanton BombEaisly the most exicting move to watch Jeff Hardy pull off. Every time he does it he looks like he could break his neck. Also, the landing looks like it hurts both receiver and performer. Great move overall.In addition , he being one of the Most Resilient Wrestlers have some greatest matches during his career in WWe

03)Shooting Star PressA simple but complicated move that got me hooked on wrestling. Billy Kidman was the first guy I ever saw pull this one off.though paul london used it he cant make it popular. n Evan Bourne bought it back making it one of the best diving moves in the industry

02)450 Splash

A move that characterized high fliers and a move with extreme power. With the rotational speed this move provides it could break a few ribs. it is  one of the hardest moves to do correctly. It is often painful to the performer and to that, I applaud the performer.

01)Five Star Frog Splash

Some may argue its the same as a Frog Splash but I say its the best variation of a move ever the way RVD goes up in the air is great he makes it higher of the ropes than anybody ive seen and the impact is awesome, the impact is so great you bounce off your opponent plus turning at any angle in mid air to land on your opponent adds to the greatness of the move.RVD perfected this move with his high jumping and ability to turn in the air.The height he gets when he pulls this move out is astonishing.


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