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Best Hell in a Cell matches in the history

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10) Randy Orton vs. Undertaker  (Armageddon 2005 ) 
    Randy Orton had this rematch after he lost to taker at WMania. This match was faught with ultimate stamina from both the wrestlers. But at the end Undertaker used his classic Piledriver to lift the match.
   Result : The Undertaker defeated Randy Orton
9)Batista vs Triple H ( Vengeance 2005 )
   Two big personalities in the same ring that too surrounded by a steel cage. They will take the hell out of each other. Yes they did the same. Spine busters , Hammer blows, steel shots and at the end even HHH must lay down to the strength of the animal. Guess the rank of these two guys in Strongest wrestlers in wwe category
   Result : Batista successfully defended his Championship.

8) Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker vs. Triple H vs. Steve Austin vs The Rock vs. Rikishi  (Armageddon 2000 )
    Six extreme guns and extreme personalities in the same ring. Yes it was like a Tornado. In this match there would be a lot of moves and yes that's true.
See the final scenes below:
 Rock bottom on Angle --->Austin stopping the pin and stunning Rock  --> HHH spinebuster and neckbreaker to Austin -->Angle sneaking and making the pin on the Rock
His submission is one of the Most Painful Submission moves  in wwe
   Result : Angle successfully defends his Championship.
7) The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesner (No Mercy '02)
   This was a fight for Lesnar's Champioship. You know this was Undertaker's game and this match was one of the biggest matches to boost the career of Lesnar .
See the final scenes below :
Taker trying for Last Ride --> Lesnar counters and attacks --> Taker reverses and performs Last Ride for a  2 count --> Undertaker signing for Tombstone --> Lesnar reverses and executes his finishing moves the F5 and wins the championship
   Result : Lesnar Successfully defends his Championship.
6) Chris Jericho vs. Triple H ( Judgment Day 2002 )
   The master of Hell in a cell in a Hell in a cell match . Yes there would be absolute wreckening of the opponents body. These two fighters gave absolute performance and this match must be in the top 10 list..
As expected it was HHHs victory over Jericho.Check some of the best Ladder matches of Jericho in The Best Ladder matches in the history
   Result : HHH gets the Three count
5) Batista vs. Undertaker  ( Survivor Series 2007 )
   This was one of the heaviest matches on the list . Before the match I expected that there was a 70% chance for Taker to win the champioship. As expected the Undertaker hit his signature move Tomstone PileDriver that too on the steel steps. I was very happy because Taker was about to win the championship. But Edge entered the ring dressed as a camera man and pulled the Referre out and bashed the back of Taker's Head with a steel chair and made batista pin Taker for the three count.
   Result : batista successfully defends his championship.
4) Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels ( Bad Blood 2004 )
   This was the longest Hell in a Cell match in the history lasting for a record 47.26 minutes. The first 30 mins of the match was the best of any hell in a cell match. The two friends faught with every thing they can have in their hand. Every thing like Steel chairs, Steel Steps, Ladders , Tables and everything. There were many kicks and many pedigrees. At the end HHH hits the THIRD AND FINAL PEDIGREE on Michaels to have the pinfall. After the match , HBK was given a standing ovation from the audience.Check the resilience ranks of these guys in the Top resilient wrestlers in wwe category
   Result : HHH hits the 3rd and final pedigree to get the three count
3) Cactus Jack vs. Triple H ( No Way Out 2000 )
    Yes this match has an extra stipulation of barbered wiring , Plus these barberes wire were set to fire later in this match. This match was such blood sheded and dangerous that even the top of the cage was broken.
see the ending scenes below :
The two men on the top of the cage -->Cactus attempts a piledriver --> HHH counters and Cactus get backdropped on the cell roof -->HHHs power breaks the roof and Cactus fell through the mat from the top--->HHH gets down and performs the Pedigree to defend the Championship.
   Result : HHH pedigee on Cactus to retain the Championship and Cactus retiring from WWE
2) Mankind vs. Undertaker ( King of the Ring 1998 )
   I think this match s equal in competence for our no.1 place. This match gave a lot of respect and following to Mankind (Mick Foley now ). Mankind took the baddest beating of all time. He was thrown from the top of the ring and even though Taker won the match it was Foley that was the Talk of The Town at the end.
This match made Mick Foley to be listed along with others big wrestlers like Taker, HBK, Hogan, HHH etc..,
   Result : The Undertaker defeats Mankind.
1) HBK vs. Undertaker ( In Your House: Bad Blood, 1997 )
   This was the first Hell in the cell match in the history, Its interesting that the first math as the first in our list.
Though we didn't find the great performer Shawn Michaels in the match, Its was Taker's action all over the place. It was expected that Taker was winning the match with his sign for the Tombstone Piledriver,,
But suddenly the lights turned off and it was debut that day. Kane entered the ring and uses the Undertaker's very own Tomstone on him and leaves the ring. Michaels crawls and gets the Three count.
These two icons gave the wwe some great matches which were listed in the Best WWE matches in history
   Result : Shawn Michaels gets the chance to face Bret Hart for the Championship at Survivour Series
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