Tuesday, 12 June 2012

top 5 agile wrestlers in wwe

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6)Evan Bourne

Though he was small and highly light that he appears to be in the air always,we can find him do all the running and beating up the opponents, His agility comes into play only when he was on the rops and trying to perform hos destructive move. So he could not get his place to the top 5
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5)Jeff Hardy

He is extremely agile when it comes to an important match, and his agility is excdeptionally seen in ladder matches, where he uses innovative ways to utilize his agility and so he is ranked the 5th.He, unlike evan utilizes his agility well to win many other things that the other small guys failed to do, Moreover his risk taking ability makes his agility look so exciting.Check his move Swnaton Bomb's rank in the Top 10 high flying moves in wwe category
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4)The Undertaker
Agility is not just jumping up and down the ropes, agility is the measure of how much fast you move in  the ring ad no doubt the undertaker has that power that exceeds limits. His agility is seen mainly when he is handling two opponents at the same time, i.e. both opponents at the opponents at the opposite ring corners. You can hear Jim Ross praising the agility of this big man  many times.Plus he is also one of The Strongest Men in WWE
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3)Kofi Kingston
He is the best agile black person in the wwe.He is not an over hyped agile man like R-Truth who just fight like he was acting, But Kofi agility is very good that he remains the key guy in any of his tag teams. Moreover he can take control of his opponent by his jumping and running. He remains 3rd in our list.
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2)Rey Mysterio

I know that many of the readers expect this man at the top.Yes he was the most agile man in the wwe for years, and almost still. There is no need of any explanation of the agility of  this man. He does every thing, almost every thing. He won championships, awards and many achievements because of his skill. Though he was called the Ultimate Underdog, no one should never under estimate him.Check his music Booyaka Booyaka's rank in the Top 10 wwe music category
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The newcomer sinkara took Rey's no.1 position and he is now considered as the most agile guy now in the wwe.Sinkara does unbelievable thins from the ropes, while he was jumping, and his agility is so good that he even makes his opponents jump and i think that practicing with him would improve the agility of any co-wrestler
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