Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Facebook shortcut keys

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Using the Facebook Shortcuts from Keyboard in your Browser
The shortcuts work generally by pressing the     Alt + key. But if you are in Firefox, only pressing the Alt key and then the shortcut key will not  work exactly as the Alt key heads up Firefox’s  own controls. To use the Facebook shortcut in Firefox, add another key “Shift” before that combination i.e the shortcuts tuns into           Shift + Alt + Key for Firefox. For the other  browser like Chrome, Opera, Safari, just the     “Alt + key” works fine. However, this shortcuts may not be working properly in Internet Explorer.

Alt+m : Create new message ( for firefox Alt+Shift+m)

Alt+0 : Facebook Help Center( for firefox Alt+Shift+0)

Alt+1 : Return to Home( for firefox Alt+Shift+1)

Alt+2 : To view the Wall tab( for firefox Alt+Shift+2)

Alt+3 : To pull down the Friends Requests list( for firefox Alt+Shift+3)

Alt+4 : To retrieve the Messages list( for firefox Alt+Shift+4)

Alt+5 : To call out the Notification list( for firefox Alt+Shift+5)

Alt+6 : Account setting page 
( for firefox Alt+Shift+6)

Alt+7 : Account privacy configuration.( for firefox Alt+Shift+7)

Alt+8 : Facebook fans group page( for firefox Alt+Shift+8)

Alt+9: Opens the “terms and condition” page.( for firefox Alt+Shift+9)

Alt+? : Cursor in the Search Box( for firefox Alt+Shift+?)

these keys are more comfortable to use on chrome rather than on firefox.

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