Saturday, 16 June 2012

Best Ladder Matches of all time

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Here is the list of the top 10 ladder matches in the history of WWE.

10)Edge vs Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules 2009
   This match is very anticipated and there are a lot of expectations on Jeff at that time that which Jeff satisfied. This match contains many thrills like Spears from top of the ladder, Twist if fate from top of the ladder etc. So this match gained the place in the top 10 list.You should know that his Swanton Bomb is ranked  in one of the Best High Flying moves in wwe
  Winner : Jeff Hardy wins the championship
9Fatal 4 way Tag Team Ladder Match at Armagedon 2006
   The competetors are London and Kendrick, Regal and Dave Taylor , The Hardy Boyz, and MNM
  With these match men in single ring competing for one thing one the top one can use the following words to describe this match  AMAZING etc.., and moreover we are having hardyz plus morrision in this match adding a lot of risk and thrill to this match
  Winner : Paul London and Kendrick succesfully defended their championshios

8)World's Greatest Tag Team vs The Hardyz at Extreme rules 2007
   Every expected that this would be one of the best ladder matches of all time. This is because the players in this match are highly talented young guns and they are very flexible. They are capable of doing suplexes from the top ropes, top of the ladders and many interesting feets
  Winner : The Hardy Boyz
7)Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho at Royal Rumble 2001
   Oh my god, no one  expected such athletism from benoit. In the end OMG Walls of Jericho on the top of the ladder. It is such an innovative match to be placed at the 8th posotion.
  Winner : Chris Jericho

6)Shawn Michales vs Chris Jericho at NO MERCY 2008
   You know when the man that revolutionized the Ladder matches was in a ladder match, you will expect a great match whether he wins it or not. Yes when HBK is in the ring in a big match we can expext it to be in the top matches of all time list whether he wins or not. This match is faught very innovatively and there is a lot of entertainment seeing this match.At the end Y2J won the match pinching HBKs injured eye.
  Winner : Jericho successfully defends his championship
5)RVD vs Jeff Hardy at Summer slam 2001
   These two great and risk taking athletes in the same ring . The mat will bounce like anything. This is my expectation of the match before i watched it. Yes it is really the same way as i expected. At the end RVD won the match using his experience and taking the advantage of Jeff's risk taking mentality.
  Winner : Rob Van Dam    
4)Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania 21
   We have the agiliant and athletical Shelton Benjamin in this match. He was the one that made this match come up in the top 5. With his great suplexes and kicks the match was a classic. He stayed in the air for most part of the match.Check the rank of Edge in the Top resilient wrestlers in wwe
 Winner : Edge stealing Shelton's Show
3)Hardyz vs Edge and Christian at NO MERCY 1999
  Yes the Hardyz again plus the TLC expert EDGE. Interestingly this match was not for any titles but for some damn Terry to be their manager. From start to end these wrestlers put us a great show. It is a must watch to see Jeff Hardy athletical skills.
  Winner : The Hardy Boyz (the new brood at that time)
2) Triangle Ladder match at Wrestlemania 2000
  The tag teams that faught this great match were the Hardyz, Dudleyz and EDGE & Christian. Three teams and that too 3 top teams . This match made WWE create the TLC matches. There was Bell to Bell excitement in this match.Check the rank of christian and Edge musics in the Top wwe entrance music list
  Winner : Edge and Christian
1)Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon at Wrestlemania 10
   Actually it is interesting here that the first ever ladder match in the history topped out. Yes this was faught so good that HBK got another name as the one that revolutionised the Ladder Matches. Yes from the start to end no way and no time of getting bored. Yes though HBK lost the match he was the Talk of the Town that night. No one saw the performance of Razor, it was HBK(though he lost) that revoltionised the Ladder matches forever.Check some other great matches of HBK ranked in the Top wwe matches ever category


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