Friday, 1 June 2012

top 10 finishing moves in wwe

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10)Buzzsaw Kick \ Round House
This is just a simple round house kick and it is very effectively used by Tajiri and this once hit would be like a deadly strike to the opponent
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09)Go To Sleep
Once this move is on every opponent must go to sleep. This will be directly hitting our face and chin sometimes and this must be placed in the Top 10.
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08)Banzai drop

 This move works well for Big wrestlers like Mark Henry , Big Show and the one on the side and such a huge personality with his total weight one some lifeless guy and I am sure that the opponent will be crushed .

it is one of the powerful moves that the back really hurts bad. the move is executed by goldberg mostly in the wwe. it is executed by lifting the opponent just like he is doing a suplex andthen reversing it with a lot of power

06)Power Bomb

This is very good utillised by the Big Strong men like Batista , Taker etc.., it has been used by The Undertaker (The Last Ride), Batista(Batista Bomb),Diesel (Jacknife Powerbomb), and Sid Justice/Sycho Sid.This not only hurts the back but also may be brutal even to the neck. Strongest Wrestlers in the WWE,can execute this move very well.
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It is will burst your face once it is executed. This is used only HHH and it has acheived him great things like Championships, King of Rings , Royal Rumbles and many more. In addition  to a normal he even gives this move on steel chairs that will blast the face like a bomb.

With this move Big Brock Lesnar even defeated in Taker in his own playground "Hell in a cell".  I think this also will be bursting the face like a pedigree but the action is not just to the face but to the whole front body. That's the reason why this was better than pedigree.

This is the best move given in surprise. The face would be bouncing off the mat once it is hit. Randy does his action that it is given very silently to the opponent and once it is hit you will be in deep sleep and I certainly guarantee you.

02)Sweet Chin Music

No one can expect when this move will be executed and this will be delivered so unexpectedly that after the Kick every will be black and this move will effect and will be hitting the chin(one of the delicate parts on the face) 

01)Tombstone Piledriver

Undertaker finishing move The Tombstone Piledriver effects every thing of your body.In most cases the opponent must assisted by helpers to go backstage after  he was hit by Tomstone.   .He is not only Strong but one of the Most Agile Men in WWE now

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