Tuesday, 22 May 2012

VidTrim – Video Trimmer For Android - May 2012

Released in May 2012

VidTrim - Video Trimmer For Android
Download  Vid Trim 1.02?1.03 beta for free  here

Download latest version for 2.84 dollars here

We are spending more and more time using our Android powered smartphones and the technology delivered some really nice improvements. For example cameras that we have on our devices are much better and we can now easily create great looking images and videos. Sometimes we need to edit or trim an video and usually it needs to be done on a computer but now with VidTrim it can all be done directly on your cell phone fast and easily.
VidTrim is not only a video trimmer for Android powered devices it will also help you to better organize all your video recordings. This is free version that is ad supported, there is also a paid version that remove ads from it.
This software can be used to trim original video and overwrite it, replacing the original with the new one and if you wish you can save it as another video. This way all your movies can be edited directly on your cell phone while you are on the move.
Original and newly created clips can be played with VidTrim and after you finish with arranging of your video you can easily and fast send it and share through a email or a YouTube. Send all your great videos directly to your friends. Among other features you will be able to rename all your clips and delete the ones you do not need anymore.
Current version of VidTrim for Android is 2.0.5 and it weighs about 8.94 MB. This application was downloaded more than 1 million of times so you can be sure that it delivers what it promises, it si free so you can try it out and decide to keep it or not.


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