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Your Ad Here – Score(4.86) is at number 1 place You can’t ignore letsbuy if you are shopping online and no online website can dare to offer you flat 15%  or 10% off coupon on all items
Update:Some news is in media that on 10th February Flipkart  has acquired electronics retailer

Service & Support: 2 out of 5
Information Depth: 2 out of 5
Content Timeliness: 2 out of 5
Design/Usability: 3 out of 5
Website Load Time: 3 out of 5

A few annoyances about
1. The website does seem to be randomly inaccessible. No reason or understanding as to why.2. It happened on two occasions that I called helpline, and I was on hold for a full 5 minutes and then was automatically disconnected. It was exactly 5:12 on the phone time, both times.
3. They never bothered to ask/inform me about the octroi over and above the payment that I was going to make. Someone recently told me that has mentioned in their FAQ that the Octroi would not be paid or is refunded. I contacted recently about the Octroi on my order. They asked me to mail them a scanned copy of my octroi bill and they phoned me to verify and they sent me a cheque for the amount as refund. It would have been better to know this in the first place instead of waiting 5 months to find out.
The FAQs page of is very difficult to find and not possible from the main page. I logged in, saw a scrolling faq widget and then from there found the FAQs.

Reviews in
1)Good range of products
2)Poor customer service and product quality

3)Very disappointed by service and the response time

complete reviews

Reviews in
1) increasing the price and giving discount on it

the reviews in the links above belong to different sites that i have seen on the net and most of them may be negative because people having negative experiences review there. so dont change your mind of buying online. it is the best and almost safest method to buy. to read the positive feedbacks you can go to the website directly and read the thousands of reviews there

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 I can say this as one of the few trusted e-commerce players that are present in Indian markets. is providing a vast range of electronics, accessories, goods, books, watches what not everything. Prices when compared to other sites is also low but you cannot find a vast difference in them. website is mainly famous for it`s electronics items. More over their service is also damage free and best packing is done. If at all any loss happens to the product, it will be replaced in 30 days. Customer care service is available for this website. But while coming to the delivery it is neither very quick nor very slow. Adequate time is taken for the goods to get delivered. mainly fon`t sell any books and it can be stated as a drawback. Recently, added watches to it`s store to attract many more visitors for this site. While the competition is growing more day by day, is striving hard to be the number one in the race of e-commerce players in India. While coming to the review of packing done by, they are taking utmost care to serve their customers better. Hard packing is done, so that goods and products can be sustained even they got accidentally hit by any rough surface. Even gift cards are provided by the site and you can gift any amount you want to your beloved ones as a coupons and in turn they can buy the desired products from the site. 

My recommendation for this site is except books you can order anything from this site and it is trusted website. Various payment modes are also available like Cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, net banking.Other competitors of are,, But while coming to the e-commerce website like are only meant for online sale of Bags such as Men's laptop backpack bags and female hand bags which are used to carry their own things.

Now, is also offering a great discount on several electronic products, household products, Computer accessories as festival season is going on in India. Security provided for the online transactions is also well taken care of. Many security providing services has been installed in the site so that no bleach will happen any time. EMI is one of the attractive scheme present in the site. One can buy the goods and pay the instalments in 3 months or 6 months EMI. But this facility is only available for few banks such as CITI, ICICI etc. Only credit card payments will have interest free EMI.

My rating for : 3.5/5


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