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How to find the Best Seat on an Airplane is a website that features aircraft seat maps, seat reviews, and a color-coded system to identify superior and substandard airline seats. It also features information about in-flight amenities and airline specific information regarding Check-in, Baggage, Unaccompanied Minors and Traveling with Infants and Pets.

this site helps you choose the best and comfortable site for your journey.

In October 2001, frequent business traveler Matthew Daimler launched Each seat is color-coded, with green being a "good seat", red being a "poor seat", and yellow being a "be aware" seat, meaning that there is some information that you should know about the seat (less legroom, etc). Since then, SeatGuru has expanded to more than 700 aircraft seatmaps from more than 95 different airlines.

In August 2003, was incorporated in Seattle, WA, following the launch of Google's AdSense program. The AdSense advertising platform helped SeatGuru monetize its website traffic. In February 2007, SeatGuru acquired the assets of In March 2007, SeatGuru was purchased byExpedia's subsidiary TripAdvisor.
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Best Airline Seats - SeatExpert

Find the best airplane seat on your next flight. SeatExpert provides detailed airplane seat maps and seating advice.


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2)Seat Guru is quite accurate and does a solid job of giving up to date info on what seats are available

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