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                                    review. is an online store like futurebazar and others. But this has been around for some time (from 2007) and it has a huge collection of books as you may have noticed from the ads on TV.
Apart from Books they also offer mobiles,Movie and Music CD's. Gaming Gadgets, Game CD's, Cameras and Computers and related accessories.
I heard from word of mouth that Mobiles are much cheaper when compared to futurebazar here.

Service & Support:                         3 out 0f 5

Information Depth:                                 3 out of 5

Content Timeliness:                               3 out of 5

Design/Usability:                                     3 out of 5

Website Load Time:                                4 out of 5
I checked that shipping is free and they only deliver in India. I have read a few online reviews that they delivered a book in Hindi when the customer asked for an English book and of delays in the delivery of goods. And that the after sales support is not the greatest. 
Well it is the same with Futurebazar,Myntra and others. But i think is a bit more trustable than others because its been in business for some time now and i haven't found too much of bad talk about them in online forums. 

I just checked what flipkart h

as done in the online retail space. The breadth of their catalogue is great. Their pricing is transparent. Their shipping is free. And their delivery times are phenomenal. I don't remember buying a book from anywhere other than Flipkart in the past year.

They have a mobile optimised site too - one of the very few in the Indian market. Flipkart Lite allows you to search & order all product lines available on the desktop site, i.e. books, mobiles, movies, music, games, cameras, & computers. However, the only payment option available is cash-on-delivery (COD). Given that they're in a business that doesn't need immediate fulfillment, like flight tickets, it's makes sense to avoid the payment challenge on mobile.The transaction process is fairly straightforward, barring a minor glitch here or there. The experience seems to be optimised for small-screen devices as is clear from how they're treating the search box & search results

The Search Experience

Ambiguous search terms, which return results from multiple product categories are handled pretty well. The search results page for such terms defaults to the product category which is most popular. It would be interesting to know how Flipkart determines popularity on a keyword basis. Searches for "Udaan" & "Dev D" returned the music listings first, whereas searches for "Kaminey" & "Dabangg" return the movie listings.

I feel the search results page, while functional, can use a better visual treatment.

The Good

  • All product categories available
  • Almost all product information that is available on desktop site is also available on mobile site
  • Easy to use cash-on-delivery payment option
  • Fairly well optimized for small-screen/mobile devices

The Bad

  • Friction in the checkout flow caused by not pre-filling the user's shipping address.
  • While site is pretty usable on mobile devices, the layouts could use a better visual treatment
  • Minor-bug in detecting the browser type (mobile or desktop)

Reviews in

1)flipkart is awesome

  ciazaidi_cutie | May 22, 2012 09:18 PM

2)Pls do not buy from FLIPKART.COM

  sheetal27 | May 21, 2012 03:53 PMComplete review here
Reviews in

1)Waiting Waiting Waiting....!!!!!

2)Great shipping, poor after sales support

Reviews in

1)“Very fast service”

2)“ Sucks! - Bad Service, Pathetic Shipping ever”

Complete review here
the reviews in the links above belong to different sites that i have seen on the net and most of them may be negative because people having negative experiences review there. so dont change your mind of buying online. it is the best and almost safest method to buy. to read the positive feedbacks you can go to the website directly and read the thousands of reviews thereRelated Posts :



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