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                                                                                                                              Your Ad Here                                             Shop Online – Buy Mobile Phones, Laptops, Digital Cameras, MP3 Players, TVs and Hard Disks + Free Shipping .One of the unique feature of this site is item prices get reduce after selling in big quantity for example a 4 gb pendrive is listed at 350 if 5 people buys it price gets down at 320 if 10-15 people buys it gets down at 285 so on buytheprice is at no 5 on our top10 list

Service & Support: 3 out of 5
Information Depth: 3 out of 5
Content Timeliness: 3 out of 5
Design/Usability: 3 out of 5
Website Load Time: 3 out of 5
Do you some day go shopping with friends and ask for a discount just because you are buying four items together??? Then why cant you do so while shopping online. India has evolved and so has indian e commerce. This latest innovation is from where you pay a lower price for your goods whenever someone else buys it too. So if you are in delhi and some stranger from bombay buys the same pen drive which you bought from the site, you get a discount on your pendrive. What more..The site gives only 10 deals at a time so that you get only the best deals and best price.With E-Commerce 2.0, buytheprice plans to introduce a completely new concept of online "social" shopping along with providing a fast, easy and secure shopping experience. Another important aspect of is the use of twitter as one of
the customer care channels. Customers can make enquiries and raise tickets by tweeting on @btpcare, which is also a first in India. Online shopping is sure evolving. Isnt it??
Reviews in

1)Nice online shopping experience with buytheprice

Buy, ONLY if you are ok to wait indefinitely.


3)Buytheprice fake website

4)waiting my phone

Reviews in

1)The deals you get from them are far better than what you get in market. 

2) delivery is quick and customer service

complaints in

the reviews in the links above belong to different sites that i have seen on the net and most of them may be negative because people having negative experiences review there. so dont change your mind of buying online. it is the best and almost safest method to buy. to read the positive feedbacks you can go to the website directly and read the thousands of reviews there

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