Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Undelete Plus - May 2012

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Undelete Plus

Download it here

Because computers are not always used by experienced users there is a chance of accidental deletion of files that you need. Child when plays can also be a cause of a disaster because files that are precious for us might be deleted. Catastrophe like this can be avoided since there are applications like Undelete Plus that can recover all deleted files. This specialized software can save you allot of time and money if used properly.
After you install and launch Undelete Plus you will be able to choose drive that needs to be scanned for files that were deleted. The destination location also needs to be specified, usually on another partition than the one currently being processed.
Reports that are created with this software are accurate even if you are using large hard disks and have more than one devices in your computer. After scan is completed you will be able to browse files and sort them the way you are getting the best results. This way you will be able to significantly faster find all files that you need to restore, you will get status info about any file that you want to recover and info about the possibility of recovery.
Another way of filtering the results is according to their filename, size or the date of the last modification, while also hiding the temp and the overwritten files (which can no longer be restored).

The Settings window is the place where keeping the folder structure can be disabled or the Deep Scan feature can be activated. Undelete Plus can also be used to detect zero-sized files on the target drive.
This is free version and you will only be able to locate and see the info about an file that you need to recover. To actually recover it you will need to buy a license and since you will be getting your valuable files back it is a good investment.


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