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Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark - Rear Angle View Exterior Photo


Car Body Type:
B Segment
Top Speed:


Smart looks
Refined engine
Poor quality interiors
Less boot space


995cc, 4 cyl
Engine Type:
Maximum Power:
63 Bhp @ 5400 rpm
Maximum Torque:
90 Nm @ 4200 rpm


Power Windows:
Central Locking:
Remote Boot:
Remote Fuel Filler:
Rear Wiper:
Rear Defogger:
Rear Armrest:
Streeing Adjustment
Driver Seat Adjustment:
Music System:
Leather Seats:
Door Mirror:
Both Side Manual
Tinted Glass:
Rear AC Vent:
Folding Rear Seats:
Sun Roof:
on Steering:

Auto Viper:
Auto Headlamp:

on road price Rs. 2,90,000 - Rs. 4,54,000
* Mumbai. May vary.

Chevrolet Spark Review

Overview of Chevrolet Spark
The Chevrolet Spark attracts the onlooker by its compact yet stylish body style and the very elegant and sport exterior and interior adornments. The exterior is a total eye-catcher with its stylish headlights and round tail lights. The aerodynamic boy shape of the car along with the satin silver roof rails and the jewel effect taillights give it a very welcoming appearance. Body colour bumpers, rear spoiler, tinted glasses and full wheel covers are also available. The interior is adorned with the best fabric upholstery and fabric inserts on the door trims plus the metallic finish instrumental panel.
The comfort and convenience factor is kept in mind and attention has been paid to even the smallest of details. Power steering, rear seat cushion folding, rear power windows, air-conditioning, driver front storage, digital temperature barograph and passenger side sun visor with vanity mirrors are present. A 2-DIN Audio player with four speakers provides a good quality of music. Storage is made easy through glove box, cup holders and bottle holders in front console and front door respectively, front room lamp and seat back shopping hooks.

Chevrolet Spark Mileage

Chevrolet Spark TachoMeter
Chevrolet Spark is equipped with 1.0L, 995cc, S-Tec petrol engine with five speed manual gearbox that produces generous power of 63bhp with excellent fuel efficiency. The S-Tec (Smart-Tec) engine of this car is optimized with many technological innovations like Sequential MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection), Dual Distributor Less Ignition (DDLI) System, Motorized Throttle Intake System (MTIS) and Advanced Optical Sensors. As a result this engine offers high engine performance, smooth and noiseless driving experience with high fuel efficiency. The 995cc petrol engine of Chevrolet Spark offers mileage around 13kmpl in city while on highway it gives 16.9kmpl.

Power of Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark Photos
As we mentioned earlier that Chevrolet Spark is powered by a 1.0L, 995cc, S-Tec (Smart-Tec) petrol engine that is famous for producing high power. Its 995cc power-plant produces 63bhp of maximum power at 5400rpm and maximum torque of 90.3Nm at 4200rpm. This engine delivers high engine performance with better fuel efficiency and also delivers good acceleration so that this car never vibrate even after the crossing the mark of 100kmph.

Chevrolet Spark Colours

These colors are available with all variants of Chevrolet Spark
Misty Lake Metallic
Olympic White
Blazing Red
Platinum Metallic
Caviar Black

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Chevrolet Spark Gear
Chevrolet Spark is powered by the 1.0L, 995cc petrol engine with the new S-Tec (Smart-Tec) technology. The new S-Tec (Smart-Tec) technology maximizes the torque and power and makes Chevrolet Spark ideal for driving in congested city traffic and offers very good acceleration. Its 995cc power-plant offers excellent acceleration so that Chevrolet Spark can cross the 100kmph mark in 15.1 seconds and it can achieve the top speed mark of 153kmph.

Chevrolet Spark Exteriors

Chevrolet Spark is a stylish hatchback model that offers stylish and dashing exterior features and makes the first exterior appearance of this car very impressive. Its aggressive front grille with large headlamps and fog lamps makes its front appearance very stylish and dynamic. Chevrolet Spark is a cute looking small car model and its 17inch alloy wheels with body colored bumpers and body colored gate handles with body colored tail gate handle bar makes its exterior look eye catching. Some of the exterior features of Chevrolet Spark are Alloy Wheels, Full Wheel Covers for Steel Wheels, Tinted Glasses, both Sides OSRVMs, Rear Spoiler, Satin Silver Roof Rails, Body Side Moulding, Front Windshield with Top Band, Mudguards and Body Side Mouldings.

Exterior Measurements

Chevrolet Spark is a five seater luxurious small car model with a spacious passenger cabin. The exterior dimensions of Chevrolet Spark are - its length is 3,495mm, width is 1,495mm, height 1,518mm and its wheelbase is 2,345mm with the ground clearance of 170mm and minimum turning radius of 4.6 meters.

Chevrolet Spark Interior

Chevrolet Spark is packed with very dashing and ground breaking interiors with its dual tone instrument panel. Its instrument panel is packed with ergonomically advanced features. Chevrolet Spark comes with the high roofline that offers generous headroom and its rear seats placed slightly high for better front view out. Other features that makeChevrolet Spark interiors more stylish are Fabric Upholstery, Fabric Insert on Door Trims, Metallic Finish on Instrument Panel and Rich Blue Color Fabric Seat Covers.

Interior Comfort

Chevrolet Spark is a five door stylish hatchback model that is packed with lots of ergonomically advanced interior features that offers much comfortable driving experience. The comfortable features that are available with Chevrolet Spark are AC, Power Steering, Front and Rear Power Windows, 2-Din Audio system with Four Speakers and Antenna, Internally Adjustable OSRVMs, Cup Holders in Front Console, Bottle Holder in Front Doors, Day/Night Rear View Mirror, Remote Fuel Filler, Remote Tailgate Release, Front Room Lamp, Passenger Side Sun visor with Vanity Mirror, Low Fuel Warning Lamp, Heater, Seat Back Shopping Hooks, Temperature Guage, Card Holder, Digital Clock, Cigarette Lighter, Detachable Ashtray, 60:40 Split Double Folding Rear Seat, Rear Defogger, Rear Wiper and Washer, Sun Glass Holder etc.

Interior Measurements

Chevrolet Spark has an ultra spacious interior with spacious passenger cabin that has the seating capacity of five passengers. Chevrolet Spark offers generous headroom of 970mm (Front) and 905mm (Rear) with the legroom of 1130mm (max.) and 995mm (min) with the rear knee room of 850mm (max.) and 670mm (min.) and with the shoulder room of 1254mm that is enough even for a six feet tall person. The boot capacity of this hatchback model is 170 ltrs.

Chevrolet Spark Engine and Performance

Chevrolet Spark Engine
As we already mentioned earlier, that Chevrolet Spark is powered by the high capacity engine that offers high engine performance, power and acceleration. It is equipped with the 1.0L, 995cc, S-TEC (Smart-Tec) petrol engine that is optimized with many advanced technologies like Sequential MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection), Dual Distributor Less Ignition (DDLI) System, Motorized Throttle Intake System (MTIS) and Advanced Optical Sensors. Powering by these newer technological innovations results high engine performance with excellent mileage. This engine of Chevrolet Spark is capable to produce 63bhp of maximum power at 5400rpm and offers mileage around 13kmpl in urban roads while on highway it gives 16.9kmpl.


Chevrolet Spark Wheels
Chevrolet Spark is available with both conventional steel wheel as well as alloy wheel option. Its top end variant LT with Option pack comes with the 17 inch alloy wheels option. While the size of its steel wheel is 13 X 4.5J and the size of its puncture resistant tubeless tyres is 155/70 R13. its punctures resistant tubeless tyre make it capable also off-road driving.

Braking & Handling

Chevrolet Spark DashBoard
The front wheels of Chevrolet Spark are packed with large Ventilated Disc Brakes with Drum Brakes at its rear wheels that de-accelerate this hatchback very quickly. The other advanced safety feature that makes the handling of this small car more comfortable are ABS (Antilock Brake System) that ensures that vehicle will never be skid out of control in case of hard braking at slippery or wet road.

Handling & Safety

Chevrolet Spark Safety
Chevrolet Spark is a five door small family car with a low budget. But despite of its low cost it offers lots of advanced safety features that ensure that driver and pedestrians are safe in it. The safety features that are available with Chevrolet Spark are Dual Airbags that ensure the safety of driver, ABS (Antilock Brake System) that offers smooth stop without skidding even at hard braking on slippery or wet road and Ventilated Disc Brakes. Chevrolet Spark offers safety also for the pedestrian as it offers strong passenger cabin which is made of high-strength steel. The front end design of Chevrolet Spark makes it the first hatchback car in its segment that complies with the European regulations on pedestrian safety. For enhancing the side protection Chevrolet Spark uses Tailor-Welded Blanks that are generally used only in the high segment cars.

Stereo & Accessories in Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark Accessories
The higher end variants of Chevrolet Spark are available with 2-Din Audio System with Four Speakers and Antenna. Its Audio System is CD/MP3 with FM compatible that is packed with four integrated speakers that offers quality sounds with comfortable driving experience.

Chevrolet Spark is packed with the powerful AC with heater that offers convenient atmosphere that passengers required during drive.


  1. Excellent reviews.I think this car suits to the city environment and an excellent choice to buy in this festive season.This all new spark is better than its previous versions.